Rules And Suggestions


General Rules:

Rule G01: Play nice, please refrain from fighting. Please try to keep drama to a minimum or better yet non-existent. This means no bashing other streams or other people. INNERNET: SRSBSNS.
Rule G02: Mods are not gods. If you feel a mod is legitimately abusing his or her power, let TheBigDawgJ know.

Streamer Rules:

Keep in mind: realmofthebeardedbeard is the channel for video games ONLY, and notgamesofthebeardedbeard is the channel for whatever you want.

Rule SR01: Note that Livestream only records up to five hours in one sitting. So if you manage to stream for that long, please restart your stream so nobody misses anything.
Rule SR02: Do not stream any materials that could be a breach of copyright law or of Livestream's TOS.
Rule SR03: No hijacking a streamer. Except if you notice a streamer streaming something that could get the channel removed (see Rule S02 above) in which case hijack immediately.
Rule SR04: Make sure that "Add To On Demand" or "Autopilot" or whatever the options are for you are unchecked.
Rule SR05: Make sure that "Highlight Mouse" or whatever the option is for you is unchecked.
Rule SR06: Bitrate must be, at the maximum, 500 kb/s in total for both audio and video (for example, you could have 400 for video and 100 for audio).

Karaoke Rules:

Rule KR01: All performers MUST perform either "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan and/or "If Your Dad Doesn't Have a Beard, You've Got Two Mums" by The Beards in their initial performance. Doing it anytime afterward is optional. It does not have to be the first song performed as long as you sing it at some point in the set. Why? It's our official theme song.
Rule KR02: When performing, you must either show yourself on cam or show a video related to the song. Doing both is a bonus. Please, no drawing something and making us stare at it for the duration of the song, because that's not entertaining to most of us!

Viewer Rules:

Rule VR01: Do not spam images or text.
Rule VR02: Obvious trolling will result in a warning. If it does not cease, then this will result in a ban. Joking around is one thing, but malicious trolling will not be taken lightly.
Rule VR03: In a similar vein, sarcasm can generally not be read through text. Please try to avoid it.

Moderator Rules:

Rule MR01: Do not threaten to ban unless a potential threat is offending the chat as a whole. Personal beefs are not an acceptable reason to ban.
Rule MR02: As stated for Viewers, joking around is one thing, but malicious trolling will not be taken lightly. Just because you have the power to ban doesn't mean you're exempt from being nice.


Do not post anything related to the following, because you will be permanently banned without a warning:
Bans in general will work as follows:
Minor infractions: First offense will be anywhere from a five to fifteen minute ban based on mod's discretion. Second offense will be no shorter than half an hour, no longer than forty-five minutes. Third offense will be no shorter than an hour, no longer than six hours. Fourth offense will be treated as a major infraction.
Major infractions: First offense will be anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours. Second offense will be anywhere from forty-eight hours to a week. Third offense will be a permanent ban.
The Nazrat84 Addendum: Anyone causing a ruckus, causing multiple offenses in a short period of time, such as hijacking, insulting others, and posting on 4chan without notification/permission will be banned from chat and have their streaming rights removed ASAP, for a period to be determined by a vote of the entire modstaff and chat.


General Suggestions:

Suggestion GS01: We're all on a first name basis here so reveal your secrets and tell us your first name. Please don't lie, we're trying to be a close-knit community here.
Suggestion GS02: Though 4chan advertising is a gray area because we'd like to avoid the trolls, it is not against the rules. Just don't make us look like jerks. Also, notifying the chat, to make sure mods are handy in case of trolls, is requested. Finally, if you do make a thread, please refrain from using one of those things that spam the thread with images. Nobody really likes them and they tend to cause people to ignore the thread you're trying to promote anyway. So if you're going to bump, please do so [spoiler]manually[/spoiler].
Suggestion GS03: Inviting your friends, though, is encouraged. Spread by word-of-mouth, post on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter, call them up, whatever you want.
Suggestion GS04: When posting image/video links, sometimes they don't load for some people, so please consider pasting the link twice, like: [the video/image link][a space][same video/image link].
Suggestion GS05: When emulating a game with a lives system, please don't savestate until you're down to your last life.