The Bearded Streaming Contest Rules and Setup

Skype Me™!

Contact CHAINSAWhaxor on Skype using the provided button with the name of the game or games you want to see, as well as your RotBB-verified Chatango username. He will be in charge of keeping the master list.
Keep in mind this will be cleaned up later, format-wise, it was essentially a copy and paste job from an IM conversation.

Contest Rules

Rule 1:
Users Cruorr, CHAINSAWhaxor, Darrok7, TheBigDawgJ as well as the person that requests the stream MUST be present for the stream to count.
Rule 2:
The streamer must stream the chosen game for a minimum of 2 hours.
Rule 3:
1 point awarded for fufilling the request. 2 points for beating the game on-stream. Bounus point for entertaining stream(x number of people found entertaining)
Rule 4:
Specified streams may be requested. Bonus point for completing challenge. If the challenge requires you beat the game you get 3 points total. If you fail the challenge but beat the game you receive 2 points.The challenge MUST be attainable. But still not too easy, an ACTUAL challenge. Ala, beat mass effect 2 while killing everyone in your party, or obtain all stars in Mario 64 in 2 hours.
Rule 5:
Challenges are to be approved by impartial contest personnel
Rule 6:
NO CHEATING!!! Cheating to make the game easier, rather than entertaining(aka, god mode as opposed to big head mode) will nullify your ability to gain points from beating the game and your challnege point.
Rule 7:
If cheating is ABSOLUTELY necassary to get you out of a situation you may use the cheat to get out of a gamebreaking situation ONLY.
Rule 8:
In a game in which desicions are made, the viewers are to choose so long as it does not impede a challenge or game progress.
Rule 9:
Co-op streaming is allowed, but viewers decide where the uneven point, or distribution of points go, depending on the amount of people in the co-op.


Rule 10:
For every 10 American dollars (after Paypal fees, which rounds to 12 USD in reality) you donate to the game buying fund you will receive a point to your total. If you are not a streamer, or are just feeling extra generous, you may use this opportunity to bolter a streamer's point score.
Rule 11:
A runner-up will be selected in the event of a close race (5 points), they will have access to a cheaper game/bundle of their choice.
Rule 12:
If a certain request is not attempted at all within six months, the requester may pick it up himself.
Rule 13:
The window in which you may hold onto a stream will be determined by the games length and difficulty of the challenge
Rule 14: You may NOT request games that are excessively grindy with no entertainment value for a viewer audience. No 'trollgames'.
Rule 15: You may NOT request a specific streamer.


Rule 16:
Guides can not be looked up while on stream. This entails stopping to look at the guide, looking up the guide in the stream window and similar. Music while streaming can not be too loud. Game sound and microphone (if eligible) has to be able to be heard.